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1-Jan-2011A 5s-Time-Constant Temperature-Stable Integrator for a Tuneable PID Controller in LOC ApplicationsHu, Y; Liu, Y; Constandinou, TG; Toumazou, C
1-Jun-2011A 60 pW g(m)C Continuous Wavelet Transform Circuit for Portable EEG SystemsCasson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
Oct-2006Accuracy-guaranteed bit-width optimizationLee, DU; Gaffar, AA; Cheung, RCC; Mencer, O; Luk, W, et al
2007Algorithm for AEEG data selection leading to wireless and long term epilepsy monitoringCasson, AJ; Yates, DC; Patel, S; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
30-Sep-2011Algorithms and circuits for truly wearable physiological monitoringCasson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
31-Dec-2007An analogue bandpass filter realisation of the Continuous Wavelet TransformCasson, AJ; Yates, DC; Patel, S; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jul-2004Analogue micropower FET techniques reviewVilches, A; Loga, R; Michelakis, K; Fobelets, K; Papavasiliou, C, et al
1-Jan-2003Architectures for function evaluation on FPGAsSidahao, N; Constantinides, GA; Cheung, PY
1-Aug-2004Average drift mobility and apparent sheet-electron density profiles in strained-Si-SiGe buried-channel depletion-mode n-MOSFETsMichelakis, K; Vilches, A; Papavassiliou, C; Despotopoulos, S; Fobelets, K, et al
1-Jan-2011A Bio-Implantable Platform for Inductive Data and Power Transfer with Integrated Battery ChargingSole, M; Sanni, A; Vilches, A; Toumazou, C; Constandinou, TG
1-Aug-2004Buried-channel SiGe HMODFET device potential for micropower applicationsVilches, A; Michelakis, K; Fobelets, K; Haigh, D; Papavassiliou, C, et al
1-Jan-2007CCDF and Monte Carlo analysis of a digital polar transmitter for ultra-wideband systemSeah, KH; Chia, MYW; Papavassiliou, C; Constantinides, GA
31-Dec-2011A CMOS-Based Lab-on-Chip Array for Combined Magnetic Manipulation and Opto-Chemical SensingGoh, ZDC; Georgiou, P; Constandinou, TG; Prodromakis, T; Toumazou, C
31-Dec-2010A CMOS-based Lab-on-Chip Array for the Combined Magnetic Stimulation and Opto-Chemical Sensing of Neural TissueConstandinou, TG; Georgiou, P; Prodromakis, T; Toumazou, C
17-Jan-2011A CMOS-based light modulator for contactless data transfer: theory and conceptSerb, A; Nikolic, K; Constandinou, TG; Kubby JA, Reed GT
1-Nov-2012Compressive sensing scalp EEG signals: implementations and practical performance.Abdulghani, AM; Casson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2010Compressive sensing: From "Compressing while Sampling" to "Compressing and Securing while Sampling".Abdulghani, AM; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
31-Dec-2011Confession Session: Learning from Others MistakesAbshire, P; Andreou, A; Bermak, A; Cauwenberghs, G; Chen, S, et al
1-Jan-2007Data reduction techniques to facilitate wireless and long term AEEG epilepsy monitoringCasson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
26-May-2009Detecting Search and Rescue Targets in Moving Aerial Images Using Eye-GazeMardell, JP; Witkowski, M; Spence, R; Ersbøll BK, Villanueva A, Hansen JP
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 91