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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jan-2011A review and modern approach to LC ladder synthesisCasson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jun-2011A 60 pW g(m)C Continuous Wavelet Transform Circuit for Portable EEG SystemsCasson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2010Compressive sensing: From "Compressing while Sampling" to "Compressing and Securing while Sampling".Abdulghani, AM; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2010Improving phase congruency for EEG data reduction.Logesparan, L; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-May-2010Wearable electroencephalography. What is it, why is it needed, and what does it entail?Casson, A; Yates, D; Smith, S; Duncan, J; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2010An introduction to future truly wearable medical devices--from application to ASIC.Casson, AJ; Logesparan, L; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2010Standard filter approximations for low power Continuous Wavelet Transforms.Casson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2010Low power signal processing electronics for wearable medical devices.Casson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Dec-2009Toward online data reduction for portable electroencephalography systems in epilepsy.Casson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
29-Sep-2007Low Power Interictal Detection Algorithm to Facilitate Long Term and Wireless AEEG MonitoringCasson, AJ; Yates, DC; Rodriguez-Villegas, E