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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2009Toward online data reduction for portable electroencephalography systems in epilepsy.Casson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2004Migrating functionality from ROMs to embedded multipliersMorris, GW; Constantinides, GA; Cheung, PYK
26-May-2009Detecting Search and Rescue Targets in Moving Aerial Images Using Eye-GazeMardell, JP; Witkowski, M; Spence, R; Ersbøll BK, Villanueva A, Hansen JP
1-Jan-2006A mathematical framework for active circuits based on port equivalence using limit variablesHaigh,D.G.; Clarke,T.J.W.; Radmore,P.M.
29-Sep-2007Low Power Interictal Detection Algorithm to Facilitate Long Term and Wireless AEEG MonitoringCasson, AJ; Yates, DC; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2001Heuristic datapath allocation for multiple wordlength systemsConstantinides, GA; Cheung, PYK; Luk, W
1-Jan-2006A novel heuristic and provable bounds for reconfigurable architecture designSmith, AM; Constantinides, GA; Cheung, PYK
1-Jan-2005A novel 2D filter design methodology for heterogeneous devicesBouganis, CS; Constantinides, GA; Cheung, PYK
1-Jan-2008Generic vs custom; analogue vs digital: on the implementation of an online EEG signal processing algorithmCasson, AJ; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Jan-2002Strassen's matrix multiplication for customisable processorsIp,H.M.D.; Low,J.D.; Cheung,P.Y.K.; Constantinides,G.; Luk,W., et al