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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016Access to primary health care in England: policy, theory, and evidenceHarris, Matthew; Majeed, Azeem; Cowling, Thomas Edward;
2012Aetiology of an Unknown Liver Disease in Northern EthiopiaToledano, Mireille; Thursz, Mark; Robinson, Oliver James Kaldor;
Jun-2020Analysing global Taenia solium transmission dynamics to refine transmission modelling and support identification of optimal strategies for its control and elimination in low and middle-income countriesBasáñez, Maria-Gloria; Winskill, Peter; Harrison, Wendy; Conteh, Lesong; Dixon, Matthew Andrew Stephen, et al
Aug-2009Analysis of association studies and inference of haplotypic phase using hidden Markov modelsCoin, Lachlan; Su, Shu Yi;
Apr-2016An analysis of the variation in event rates, case fatality and mortality of Acute Coronary Syndrome across English districts 2006-2010Ezzati, Majid; Elliott, Paul; Asaria, Perviz;
Jul-2019Anomalous temperature and seasonality of mortality in the United StatesEzzati, Majid; Toumi, Ralf; Parks, Robbie Michael Ignatius;
Mar-2021Antimicrobial resistance: mapping the burden, trends and evaluating interventions across the UK healthcare economyCostelloe, Céire; Jauneikaite, Elita; Aliabadi, Shirin
Feb-2017The application of process mining to care pathway analysis in the NHSAylin, Paul; Mayer, Erik; Vale, Justin; Siddiqi, Bushra
Oct-2019Applications of genetic data to identify cardiovascular disease mechanisms and therapeutic opportunitiesDehghan, Abbas; Tzoulaki, Ioanna; Gill, Dipender;
Nov-2016Assessing the impact of mass deworming: changes in soil-transmitted helminth burden and characteristics, co-infections and the gut microbiomeAnderson, Roy M; Webster, Joanne P; Easton, Alice Van Antwerp;
Aug-2018Assessing the outputs, impact and value of investments in malaria research and developmentConteh, Lesong; Smith, Peter C.; Mulligan, Jo-Ann Louise;
Jan-2011Assessment and validation of exposure to disinfection by-products during pregnancy, in an epidemiological study examining associated risk of adverse fetal growth outcomesToledano, Mireille; Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark; Smith, Rachel B.;
Nov-2019Assessment of the management and clinical outcomes of patients with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia and newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes in primary care in EnglandMillett, Christopher; Vamos, Eszter; Majeed, Farrukh; Palladino, Raffaele
Jul-2014The association between Chlamydia trachomatis and pelvic inflammatory disease: findings from observational studiesWard, Helen; Garnett, Geoffrey; Davies, Bethan;
Sep-2021Austerity policies, nutrition, and health outcomesLaverty, Anthony; Vamos, Eszter; Jenkins, Rosemary;
Feb-2015Barriers to effectiveness: artemisinin combination therapies (ACTs) and the health systemGhani, Azra; Rao, Bhargavi;
Jun-2014Barriers to testing for Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection in the United KingdomWard, Helen; Fidler, Sarah; Elmahdi, Rahma
2009Bayesian methods for modelling non-random missing data mechanisms in longitudinal studiesRichardson, Sylvia; Plewis, Ian; Mason, Alexina Jane;
Dec-2017Bayesian spatio-temporal hierarchical models for disease mapping and detectionBlangiardo, Marta; Hansell, Anna; Boulieri, Areti;
Jun-2008Bayesian Statistical Methods for Genetic Association Studies with Case-Control and Cohort DesignDe Iorio, Maria; Richardson, Sylvia; Stumpf, Michael; Tachmazidou, Ioanna;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 242