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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2020The influence of copy number variation at the 22q11.2 locus on brain functionHowes, Oliver; Rogdaki, Maria
Jan-2021Biased generation and retention of oligonucleotide motifs in the human genomeWarnecke, Tobias; Kusmartsev, Vassili Feodorovich;
Mar-2020Characterising the role of canonical Wnt signalling in adult hippocampal stem cellsGuillemot, François; Rodriguez, Tristan; Austin, Sophie Hannah Luxon;
Jul-2021Studies on the reverse antibiotic natural products, the nybomycinsAragón Alcaide, Luis; Fuchter, Matthew; Bardell-Cox, Oliver
Dec-2020The role of alternative splicing in hepatic metabolismVernia, Santiago; Paterson, Helen A Bornhoft;
Apr-2020Structural and biochemical studies of the S. cerevisiae condensin complexAragon Alcaide, Luis; Cawood, Christopher;
Dec-2020Qualitative and quantitative Cdk control of the budding yeast cell cycleUhlmann, Frank; Santos, Silvia; Pirincci Ercan, Deniz;
Feb-2020Investigation of the gene regulatory logic encoded in genome sequences using machine learningLuscombe, Nicholas; Lenhard, Boris; Steinhauser, Sebastian
Oct-2020Cohesin alters immune response gene expression primarily by transcriptional burst frequency modulationMerkenschlager, Matthias; Stumpf, Michael; Robles Rebollo, Irene
Jan-2021Network visualisation of genomic transposable element content for comparative analysisSarkies, Peter; Guo, Yi-Ke; Schneider, Lisa Maria;