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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2012Advanced methods for mapping the radiofrequency magnetic fields in MRIHajnal, Jo; Padormo, Francesco
2008Analysing the role of the anterior visceral endoderm in anterior-posterior axis establishment in the mouse embryoRodriguez, Tristan; Stuckey, Daniel William;
Apr-2015Anthropometric and genetic determinants of cardiac morphology and functionCook, Stuart; O'Regan, Declan; de Marvao, Antonio; , et al
Aug-2020Assessing changes induced by in utero low protein dietary exposure in offspring development and behaviourFisher, Amanda; Ungless, Mark; Prodani, Chiara
Aug-2013Behavioural and neuroimaging studies of food reward after bariatric surgery for obesityBell, Jimmy; Goldstone, Anthony; Le Roux, Carel; Scholtz, Samantha; , et al
Jan-2021Biased generation and retention of oligonucleotide motifs in the human genomeWarnecke, Tobias; Kusmartsev, Vassili Feodorovich;
Feb-2018Bioluminescence as a tool for studying imprinted gene expressionFisher, Amanda; Withers, Dominic; Newsholme, Allifia Abbas
2012Brain development in fetal ventriculomegalyRutherford, Mary; Thomas, Elizabeth; Kyriakopoulou, Vanesa
Aug-2019Cancer as a systemic disease: Investigating tumour-host interaction in drosophilaHirabayashi, Susumu; Newton, Holly;
Apr-2008Characterisation and Neurogenic Potential of Stem Cells from the Human Umbilical Cord MatrixMehmet, Huseyin; Sinden, John; Edwards, David; Vawda, Reaz
Apr-2013The characterisation of a functional interaction between Ikaros and Foxp1 in pre-B-cells and acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaDillon, Niall; Bond, Jonathan
Oct-2013Characterisation of adherent microbubbles for molecular targeted ultrasoundEckersley, Robert; Tang, Mengxing; Casey, Jonathan;
Jan-2010Characterisation of an alternative splice variant of LKB1Hiscock, Natalie /Woods, Angela; Woods, Angela; Denison, Fiona Clare;
Nov-2019Characterisation of impairments in endocytosis induced by Centronuclear myopathy and Charcot-Marie-Tooth peripheral neuropathyGorelik, Julia; Shevchuk, Andriy; Ali, Tayyibah;
2012Characterisation of the Haemodynamic Response Function (HRF) in the neonatal brain using functional MRIEdwards, David; Beckmann, Christian; Azzopardi, Denis; Arichi, Tomoki
Apr-2010Characterising population variability in brain structure through models of whole-brain structural connectivityRueckert, Daniel; Edwards, David; Robinson, Emma Claire
Dec-2009Characterising the role of a putative mammalian aspartate dehydrogenase in hepatic lipogenesis and secretion of very low density lipoproteinsSoutar, Anne; Bonney, Stephanie Ann
Mar-2020Characterising the role of canonical Wnt signalling in adult hippocampal stem cellsGuillemot, Fran├žois; Rodriguez, Tristan; Austin, Sophie Hannah Luxon;
Sep-2012Characterization of the role of the Aurora B kinase in quiescent lymphocytesDillon, Niall; Sabbattini, Pierangela; Frangini, Alberto;
Oct-2020Cohesin alters immune response gene expression primarily by transcriptional burst frequency modulationMerkenschlager, Matthias; Stumpf, Michael; Robles Rebollo, Irene
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 193