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Solar System Ice Giants: Exoplanets in our Backyard

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Title: Solar System Ice Giants: Exoplanets in our Backyard
Authors: Rymer, A
Mandt, K
Hurley, D
Lisse, C
Izenberg, N
Smith, HT
Westlake, J
Bunce, E
Arridge, C
Masters, A
Hofstadter, M
Simon, A
Brandt, P
Clark, G
Cohen, I
Allen, R
Vine, S
Hansen, K
Hospodarsky, G
Kurth, W
Romani, P
Lamy, L
Zarka, P
Cao, H
Paty, C
Hedman, M
Roussos, E
Cruikshank, D
Farrell, W
Fieseler, P
Coates, A
Yelle, R
Parkinson, C
Militzer, B
Grodent, D
Kollmann, P
McNutt, R
André, N
Strange, N
Barnes, J
Dones, L
Denk, T
Rathbun, J
Lunine, J
Desai, R
Cochrane, C
Sayanagi, KM
Postberg, F
Ebert, R
Hill, T
Mueller-Wodarg, I
Regoli, L
Pontius, D
Stanley, S
Greathouse, T
Saur, J
Marouf, E
Bergman, J
Higgins, C
Johnson, R
Thomsen, M
Soderlund, K
Jia, X
Wilson, R
Englander, J
Burch, J
Nordheim, T
Grava, C
Baines, K
Quick, L
Russell, C
Cravens, T
Cecconi, B
Aslam, S
Bray, V
Garcia-Sage, K
Richardson, J
Clark, J
Hsu, S
Achterberg, R
Sergis, N
Paganelli, F
Kempf, S
Orton, G
Portyankina, G
Jones, G
Economou, T
Livengood, T
Krimigi, S
Szalay, J
Jackman, C
Valek, P
Lecacheux, A
Colwell, J
Jasinski, J
Tosi, F
Sulaiman, A
Galand, M
Kotova, A
Khurana, K
Kivelson, M
Strobel, D
Radiota, A
Estrada, P
Livi, S
Azari, A
Yates, J
Allegrini, F
Vogt, M
Felici, M
Luhmann, J
Filacchione, G
Moore, L
Item Type: Working Paper
Abstract: Future remote sensing of exoplanets will be enhanced by a thorough investigation of our solar system Ice Giants (Neptune-size planets). What can the configuration of the magnetic field tell us (remotely) about the interior, and what implications does that field have for the structure of the magnetosphere; energy input into the atmosphere, and surface geophysics (for example surface weathering of satellites that might harbour sub-surface oceans). How can monitoring of auroral emission help inform future remote observations of emission from exoplanets? Our Solar System provides the only laboratory in which we can perform in-situ experiments to understand exoplanet formation, dynamos, systems and magnetospheres.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10044/1/65724
Copyright Statement: © 2018 The Authors
Keywords: astro-ph.EP
Notes: Exoplanet Science Strategy White Paper, submitted to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, Space Studies Board, 9 March 2018
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