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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2021The impact of childhood obesity on human capital in high-income countries: A systematic reviewSegal, AB; Huerta, MC; Aurino, E; Sassi, F
1-Feb-2021Interventions using behavioural insights to influence children's diet-related outcomes: a systematic reviewChambers, T; Segal, A; Sassi, F
Jan-2021A concrete example of construct construction in natural languageYeomans, M
Jan-2021How to play fantasy sports strategically (and win)Haugh, M; Singal, R
Jan-2021The digital transformation of search and recombination in the innovation function: tensions and an integrative framework*Lanzolla, G; Pesce, D; Tucci, CL
1-Feb-2021“Success by association”: the impact of venture capital firm reputation trend on Initial Public Offering valuationsChahine, S; Filatotchev, I; Bruton, G; Wright, D
6-Jan-2021Adverse outcomes in COVID-19 and diabetes – a retrospective cohort study from three London Teaching hospitalsIzzi-Engbeaya, C; Distaso, W; Amin, A; Kenkre, J; Abdel-Malek, M, et al
1-Jan-2021Quantitative research on leadership and business ethics: examining the state of the field and an agenda for future researchPalanski, M; Newman, A; Leroy, H; Moore, C; Hannah, S, et al
Aug-2021Is talking about the future a curse or a blessing? The effects of future-focused message framing on fundraising performanceLin, Y-T; Wang, W; Doong, H-S
25-Jun-2021Effect of message approach and image size on pictorial health warning effectiveness on cigarette pack in Indonesia: a mixed factorial experimentYuliati, R; Sarwono, BK; Ahsan, A; Wibhisono, IGLAK; Kusuma, D