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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Aug-2016The Implementation of Governance Risk and Compliance Information Systems (GRC IS): Adoption Lifecycle and Enterprise ValueSpanaki, K; Papazafeiropoulou, A;
2-Nov-2016Revisiting the small-world phenomenon: efficiency variation and classification of small-world networksOpsahl, T; Vernet, A; Alnuaimi, T; George, G
1-Dec-2016The impact of the European Union Emissions Trade Scheme on regulated firms: what is the evidence after ten years?Martin, R; Muuls, M; Wagner, U;
21-Jan-2016A note on relaxations of the choice network revenue management dynamic programTalluri, KT; Kunnumkal, S
5-May-2016Net Neutrality: A Fast Lane to Understanding the Trade-offsValletti, T; Peitz, M; Greenstein, S
13-Feb-2016Health-care improvements in a financially constrained environmentEkman, I; Busse, R; Van Ginneken, E; Van Hoof, C; Van Ittersum, L, et al
16-Nov-2016Strategy and narrative in higher educationHolstein, J; Starkey, K; Wright, M
10-Mar-2016Escalation of commitment in venture capital decision making: Differentiating between domestic and international investorsDevigne, D; Manigart, S; Wright, M
1-Sep-2016Market Design for Long-Distance Trade in Renewable ElectricityGreen, RJ; Pudjianto, D; Staffell, I; Strbac, G; , et al
2-Dec-2016Engaging With Startups in Emerging MarketsPrashantham, S; Yip, GS