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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2017An emerging ecosystem for student start-upsWright, M; Siegel, DS; Mustar, P
1-Sep-2017Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal at 10: retrospect and prospectAgarwal, R; Dushnitsky, G; Lumpkin, GT; Wright, M; Zott, C
28-Mar-2017Social Ties, Social Capital, and Recruiting Managers in Transnational VenturesPruthi, S; Wright, M
28-Feb-2017AMP articles in an uncertain new worldWright, M; Phan, P
1-Mar-2017Serial crowdfunding, social capital, and project successButtice, V; Colombo, MG; Wright, M
18-Jan-2017Venturing into the unknown with strangers: Substitutes of relational embeddedness in cross-border partner selection in venture capital syndicatesMeuleman, M; Jaaskelainen, M; Maula, MVJ; Wright, M
30-Nov-2017Of robots, artificial intelligence, and workPhan, P; Wright, M; Lee, S-H
9-Sep-2017Digital affordances, spatial affordances, and the genesis of entrepreneurial ecosystemsAutio, ET; Nambisan, S; Thomas, L; Wright, M;