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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Nov-2016Strategy and narrative in higher educationHolstein, J; Starkey, K; Wright, M
10-Feb-2017An emerging ecosystem for student start-upsWright, M; Siegel, DS; Mustar, P
10-Mar-2016Escalation of commitment in venture capital decision making: Differentiating between domestic and international investorsDevigne, D; Manigart, S; Wright, M
3-Dec-2015State Control and Corporate Governance in Transition Economies: 25 Years on from 1989Grosman, A; Okhmatovskiy, I; Wright, M
1-Sep-2017Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal at 10: retrospect and prospectAgarwal, R; Dushnitsky, G; Lumpkin, GT; Wright, M; Zott, C
10-Oct-2015Understanding a new generation incubation model: The acceleratorPauwels, C; Clarysse, B; Wright, M; Van Hove, J
14-Sep-2015The impact of private equity on firms' patenting activityAmess, K; Stiebale, J; Wright, M
28-Mar-2017Social Ties, Social Capital, and Recruiting Managers in Transnational VenturesPruthi, S; Wright, M
1-May-2016Alternative forms of economic organization: be careful what you wish forPhan, P; Siegel, DS; Wright, M
1-Oct-2018Technology business incubation mechanisms and sustainable regional developmentLamine, W; Mian, S; Fayolle, A; Wright, M; Klofsten, M, et al