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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2019Smoke-free home initiative in Bantul, Indonesia: Development and preliminary evaluationTrisnowati, H; Kusuma, D; Ahsan, A; Kurniasih, D; Padmawati, R
1-Nov-2019Monitoring compliance and examining challenges of a smoke-free policy in Jayapura, IndonesiaWahyuti, W; Hasairin, SK; Mamoribo, SN; Ahsan, A; Kusuma, D
24-Sep-2020Compliance with smoke-free policy and challenges in implementation: evidence from Bengkulu, Indonesia.Yunarman, S; Zarkani, A; Walid, A; Ahsan, A; Kusuma, D
25-Jun-2021Effect of message approach and image size on pictorial health warning effectiveness on cigarette pack in Indonesia: a mixed factorial experimentYuliati, R; Sarwono, BK; Ahsan, A; Wibhisono, IGLAK; Kusuma, D
1-Feb-2021Effects of pictorial health warnings on cognitive, affective, and smoking behavior: a mixed methods study in four cities in IndonesiaDhani, R; Artini, A; Pannindriya, ST; Albert, A; Ahsan, A, et al
4-Mar-2021Is youth smoking related to the density and proximity of outdoor tobacco advertising near schools? Evidence from IndonesiaHandayani, S; Rachmani, E; Saptorini, KK; Manglapy, YM; Nurjanah, N, et al
1-Jul-2020Density and hotspots of outdoor tobacco advertising around schools in Semarang, Indonesia: geospatial analysisNurjanah, N; Manglapy, YM; Handayani, S; Ahsan, A; Sutomo, R, et al
1-Nov-2021New evidence of illicit cigarette consumption and government revenue loss in IndonesiaKasri, R; Ahsan, A; Wiyono, NH; Jacinda, A; Kusuma, D
11-Oct-2021Opportunities and challenges of tobacco control policy at district level in Indonesia: a qualitative analysis.Yunarman, S; Munandar, A; Ahsan, A; Akbarjono, A; Kusuma, D
1-Apr-2022Is exposure to social media advertising and promotion associated with e-cigarette use? evidence from Indonesia.Wulan, WR; Kusuma, D; Nurjanah, N; Aprianti, A; Ahsan, A