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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2018Estimating the costs of air pollution to the National Health Service and social care: An assessment and forecast up to 2035Pimpin, L; Retat, L; Fecht, D; De Preux, L; Sassi, F, et al
Jan-2021The impact of childhood obesity on human capital in high-income countries: A systematic reviewSegal, AB; Huerta, MC; Aurino, E; Sassi, F
1-Feb-2021Interventions using behavioural insights to influence children's diet-related outcomes: a systematic reviewChambers, T; Segal, A; Sassi, F
4-Jul-2020Healthy foods and healthy diets. how government policies can steer food reformulationGressier, M; Frost, G; Sassi, F;
1-Aug-2020Effects of body mass index on relationship status, social contact and socio-economic position: Mendelian randomization and within-sibling study in UK BiobankHowe, LD; Kanayalal, R; Harrison, S; Beaumont, RN; Davies, AR, et al
9-Aug-2005The cost-effectiveness of neonatal screening for cystic fibrosis: an analysis of alternative scenarios using a decision modelSimpson, N; Anderson, R; Sassi, F; Pitman, A; Lewis, P, et al
3-Feb-2012Socioeconomic disparities in the uptake of breast and cervical cancer screening in Italy: a cross sectional studyDamiani, G; Federico, B; Basso, D; Ronconi, A; Bianchi, CBNA, et al
18-Apr-2012Tackling obesity requires efficient government policiesCecchini, M; Sassi, F
18-Jun-2021Data resource profile: Understanding the patterns and determinants of health in South Asians—the South Asia BiobankSong, P; Gupta, A; Goon, IY; Hasan, M; Mahmood, S, et al
Feb-2021What is the impact of food reformulation on individual’s behaviour, nutrient intakes and health status? A systematic review of empirical evidenceGressier, M; Swinburn, B; Frost, G; Segal, A; Sassi, F, et al