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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2016Free to choose? Reform, choice, and consideration sets in the English National Health ServiceGaynor, M; Propper, C; Seiler, S;
21-Nov-2016Socioeconomic inequalities in health care in EnglandCookson, R; Propper, C; Asaria, M; Raine, R;
17-Feb-2020Medical labour supply and the production of healthcareLee, T; Propper, C; Stoye, G;
1-Jul-2017Wolves in sheep’s clothing: Is non-profit status used to signal quality?Jones, D; Propper, C; Smith, S;
1-Jan-2015Association between market concentration of hospitals and patient health gain following hip replacement surgeryFeng, Y; Pistollato, M; Charlesworth, A; Devlin, N; Propper, C, et al
1-Nov-2018The impact of publicly subsidised health insurance on access, behavioural risk factors and disease managementMiraldo, M; Propper, C; Williams, R;
Aug-2014Herding Cats? Management and University PerformanceMcCormack, J; Propper, C; Smith, S;
Apr-2015The impact of competition on management quality: evidence from public hospitalsBloom, N; Propper, C; Seiler, S; Van Reenen, J;
1-Mar-2017Does quality affect patients’ choice of Doctor? Evidence from EnglandSantos, R; Gravelle, H; Propper, C;
1-Dec-2019Spatial competition and quality: Evidence from the English family doctor marketGravelle, H; Lui, D; Propper, C; Santos, R; , et al