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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jan-2019A pricing formula for delayed claims: appreciating the past to value the futureBiffis, E; Goldys, B; Prosdocimi, C; Zanella, M
9-Jul-2014Sources of inaction in household finance: evidence from the Danish mortgage marketAndersen, S; Campbell, JY; Nielsen, KM; Ramadorai, T
8-Jul-2020Chronic Syndemic meets Viral pandemicAurino, E; Olney, J; Miraldo, M; Watson, K
1-Jul-2015How does big data affect GDP? Theory and evidence for the UKGoodridge, PR; Haskel, J
25-Sep-2014Searching for carbon leaks in multinational companiesMartin, R; Dechezleprêtre, A; Gennaioli, C; Muûls, M; , et al
8-Nov-2021Limiting Fiscal Procyclicality: Evidence from Resource-Dependent CountriesCoutinho, L; Georgiou, D; Heracleous, M; Michaelides, A; Tsani, S
25-Jan-2022Managing lane changing of algorithm-assisted driversMarkakis, M; Talluri, K; Tikhonenko, D
29-Jul-2019Mums go online: Is the internet changing the demand for healthcare?Amaral Garcia, S; Nardotto, M; Propper, C; Valletti, T
2-Aug-2022Optimal Price TargetingSmith, AN; Seiler, S; Aggarwal, I