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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2015The Politics of Priority Setting in Health: A Political Economy PerspectiveHauck, KD; Smith, PC
1-Oct-2017Monetary policy and bank profitability in a low interest rate environmentBoucinha, M; Peydró, J-L; Peydro, J-L
2-Dec-2020Global assessment of the merit-order effect and revenue cannibalisation for variable renewable energyHalttunen, K; Staffell, I; Slade, R; Green, R; Saint-Drenan, Y-M, et al
14-Jan-2021The contribution of taxes, subsidies and regulations to British electricity decarbonisationGreen, R; Staffell, I;
21-Oct-2020Unpacking the performance effects of coupling in the environment-organization and intraorganizational levelsFarkas, M
28-May-2020Ideas-driven endogenous growth and standard-essential patentsKhairullina, A; Kirilenko, AA; Neklyudov, A; Tucci, CL
4-Aug-2020Quantile Markov decision processLi, X; Zhong, H; Brandeau, M
6-Sep-2019The internet of things and economic growth in a panel of countriesHaskel, J; Goodridge, P; Edquist, H;
19-Oct-2020CAPE and the COVID-19 pandemic effectShiller, RJ; Black, L; Jivraj, F
15-Nov-2019Systematic 13F hedge fund alphaIqbal, M; Jivraj, F; Angelini, L