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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Oct-2017Network effects and productive externalities from ICT and knowledge capitalGoodridge, PR; Haskel, J; Edquist, H; , et al
12-Jul-2016Intangibles, mismeasurement and the international productivity slowdownHaskel, J;
21-Apr-2017Building an empire with relationshipsEisingerich, AB; Vatter, Z
15-Sep-2016Veuve Clicquot: entrepreneurial thinking and brand value creationEisingerich, AB; Lin, Y; Grew, C
30-Apr-2018Firm-to-firm connections in Colombian importsBernard, AB; Bøler, EA; Dhingra, S
2-May-2016The effect of investment constraints on hedge fund investor returnsJoenvaara, J; Kosowski, R; Tolonen, P
30-Jun-2016Tailoring and utilising gamification to facilitate behaviour changeBharamgoudar, R; Elmqvist, K; Qiu, S; Rigaudy, M; Vink, J, et al
9-Aug-2016The integration of wind power and hydropower in an electricity market with a large hydroelectric generatorWilliams, O; Quyen, NV
31-Aug-2019Productivity, network effects and telecommunications capital: Evidence from the US and EuropeGoodridge, P; Haskel, J; Edquist, HO; , et al
1-Jul-2019Heterogeneous Taxes and Limited Risk Sharing: Evidence from Municipal BondsBabina, T; Jotikasthira, C; Lundblad, CT; Ramadorai, T