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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2021An evaluation of the COVID-19 pandemic and perceived social distancing policies in relation to planning, selecting, and preparing healthy meals: an observational study in 38 countries worldwideDe Backer, C; Teunissen, L; Cuykx, I; Decorte, P; Pabian, S, et al
-Monetary policy and inequalityAndersen, A; Jørgensen, M; Johannesen, N; Peydro, J-L
-Revenue management of a professional services firm with quality-revelationTalluri, K; Angelos, T
1-Dec-2022Better ways to green-light new projectsThorsten, G; Dahlander, L; Salter, A; Criscuolo, P
19-May-2022Comment on: identification robust testing of risk premia in finite samplesZaffaroni, P
19-May-2022The impact of the priority review voucher on research and development for tropical diseasesAerts, C; Barrenho, E; Miraldo, M; Sicuri, E
-Platform-based business models and financial inclusion: policy trade-offs and approachesKaren, C; Jon, F; Leonardo, G; Valletti, T
6-Sep-2021Trends and factors associated with the nutritional status of adolescent girls in Ghana: a secondary analysis of the 2003-2014 Ghana demographic and health survey (GDHS) data.Azupogo, F; Abizari, A-R; Aurino, E; Gelli, A; Osendarp, SJ, et al
1-Dec-2021Spin-offs' linkages to their parent universities over time: The performance implications of equity, geographical proximity, and technological tiesBolzani, D; Rasmussen, E; Fini, R
28-Sep-2021We see data everywhere except in the productivity statisticsGoodridge, P; Haskel, J; Edquist, H; , et al