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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2017Knowledge spillovers, ICT and productivity growthHaskel, J;
15-Jun-2017Stock market mean reversion and portfolio choice over the life cycleMichaelides, A; Zhang, Y;
Feb-2021What is the impact of food reformulation on individual’s behaviour, nutrient intakes and health status? A systematic review of empirical evidenceGressier, M; Swinburn, B; Frost, G; Segal, A; Sassi, F, et al
1-Dec-2020Dual networking: how collaborators network in their quest for innovationTer Wal, A; Criscuolo, P; McEvily, B; Salter, A; , et al
Feb-2016Carbon taxes, path dependency and directed technical change: evidence from the auto industryAghion, P; Dechezleprêtre, A; Hemous, D; Martin, R; Van Reenen, J, et al
1-Dec-2019Chasing private informationKacperczyk, MT; Pagnotta, E;
1-Mar-2021The importance of surgeons and their peers in adoption and diffusion of innovation: an observational study of laparoscopic colectomy adoption and diffusion in EnglandBarrenho, E; Miraldo, M; Propper, C; Walsh, B; , et al
Dec-2021Searching for carbon leaks in multinational companiesDechezleprêtre, A; Gennaioli, C; Martin, R; Muûls, M; Stoerk, T, et al
-Is hospital quality predictive of pandemic deaths? evidence from US countiesPropper, C; Kunz, J;
23-Sep-2021Artificial intelligence and productivity: an intangible assets approachCorrado, C; Haskel, J; Jona-Lasinio, C;