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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-2022Implicit benefits and financingAllen, F; Qian, M; Xie, J
6-Oct-2022The case for investment in tobacco control: lessons from four countries in the AmericasHutchinson, B; Brispat, F; Calderón Pinzón, LV; Sarmiento, A; Solís, E, et al
19-Oct-2022A cost-utility analysis of mesh prophylaxis in the prevention of incisional hernias following stoma closure surgerySheikh, Y; Asunramu, H; Low, H; Gakhar, D; Muthukumar, K, et al
8-Oct-2022Business models for active buildingsElliott, T; Geske, J; Green, R;
1-Feb-2022Predictably unequal? The effect of machine learning on credit marketsFuster, A; Goldsmith-Pinkham, P; Ramadorai, T; Walther, A
1-Apr-2022Optimizing social and economic activity while containing SARS-CoV-2 transmission using DAEDALUSHaw, D; Forchini, G; Doohan, P; Christen, P; Pianella, M, et al
19-May-2022Do security analysts discipline credit rating agencies?Fong, K; Hong, H; Kacperczyk, M; Kubik, JD
1-Jun-2022The financial cost of carbonBolton, P; Halem, Z; Kacperczyk, M
21-Jul-2022Data-driven chance constrained programs over wasserstein ballsZhi, C; Kuhn, D; Wiesemann, W;
29-Mar-2022Net-zero carbon portfolio alignmentBolton, P; Kacperczyk, M; Samama, F