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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jan-2017Venturing into the unknown with strangers: Substitutes of relational embeddedness in cross-border partner selection in venture capital syndicatesMeuleman, M; Jaaskelainen, M; Maula, MVJ; Wright, M
19-Oct-2016Brexit, private equity and managementWright, M; Wilson, N; Gilligan, J; Bacon, N; Amess, K
12-Jul-2016Is it All About Money? - Affective Commitment and the Difference Between Family and Non-family Sellers in BuyoutsAhlers, O; Hack, A; Madison, K; Wright, M; Kellermanns, FW
1-Oct-2016Company metamorphosis: professionalization waves, family firms and management buyoutsHoworth, C; Wright, M; Westhead, P; Allcock, D
1-Sep-2016The evolving entrepreneurial finance landscapeWright, M; Lumpkin, T; Zott, C; Agarwal, R
28-Jun-2016Are researchers deliberately bypassing the technology transfer office? An analysis of TTO awarenessHuyghe, A; Knockaert, M; Piva, E; Wright, M
22-Feb-2016Opening the black box: power in buyout negotiations and the moderating role of private equity specializationAhlers, O; Hack, A; Kellermanns, F; Wright, M
26-Sep-2016Innovation and ownership varietyWright, M
1-Jun-2018Ethnic ties, motivations, and home country entry strategy of transnational entrepreneursPruthi, S; Basu, A; Wright, M
26-Jul-2016Institutional determinants of university spin-off quantity and quality: a longitudinal, multilevel, cross-country studyFini, R; Fu, K; Mathisen, MT; Rasmussen, E; Wright, M