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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2018Platform pricing and consumer foresight: the case of airportsFlores-Fillol, R; Iozzi, A; Valletti, T
1-Sep-2009Active and Passive Waste in Government Spending: Evidence from a Policy ExperimentBandiera, O; Prat, A; Valletti, T
Aug-2019The European framework for regulating telecommunications – a 25-year appraisalMartin, C; Christos, G; Valletti, T
1-Jul-2018Horizontal mergers and product innovationFederico, G; Langus, G; Valletti, T
1-May-2018Should profit margins play a more decisive role in merger control? A rejonder to Jorge PadillaValletti, T; Zenger, H
2-Oct-2014Calling circles: Network competition with non-uniform calling patternsValletti, T; Inderst, R; Hoernig, S
6-Oct-2014Market structure, countervailing power and price discrimination: The case of airportsHaskel, J; Iozzi, A; Valletti, T
1-Dec-2019Recent Developments at DG Competition: 2018/2019Kotzeva, R; Kovo, D; Lorincz, S; Sapi, G; Sauri, L, et al
15-Mar-2019The value of personal information in online markets with endogenous privacyMontes, R; Sand-Zantman, W; Valletti, T
1-Dec-2018Recent developments at DG Competition: 2017/2018Andrea, A; Thomas, B; Cyril, H; Gabor, K; Penelope, P, et al