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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2021Investigating infection management and antimicrobial stewardship in surgery: a qualitative study from India and South AfricaCharani, E; Holmes, A; Bonaconsa, C; Mbamalu, O; Mendelson, M, et al
17-Mar-2022Generational Wealth Accounts: did public and private inter-generational transfers offset each other over the financial crisis?Sefton, J; McCarthy, D; Lee, R; Sambt, J; Guner, N, et al
28-Sep-2021We see data everywhere except in the productivity statisticsGoodridge, P; Haskel, J; Edquist, H; , et al
Dec-2021Searching for carbon leaks in multinational companiesDechezleprêtre, A; Gennaioli, C; Martin, R; Muûls, M; Stoerk, T, et al
18-Jan-2022Where (and by how much) does a theory break down? With an application to the expectation hypothesis.Abadir, KM; Atanasova, C; Chudik, A; Hsiao, C; Timmermann, A, et al