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Treatable traits in the European U-BIOPRED adult asthma cohorts

Title: Treatable traits in the European U-BIOPRED adult asthma cohorts
Authors: Simpson, AJ
Hekking, P-P
Shaw, DE
Fleming, LJ
Roberts, G
Riley, JH
Bates, S
Sousa, AR
Bansal, AT
Pandis, I
Sun, K
Bakke, PS
Caruso, M
Dahlén, B
Dahlén, S-E
Horvath, I
Krug, N
Montuschi, P
Sandstrom, T
Singer, F
Adcock, IM
Wagers, SS
Djukanovic, R
Chung, KF
Sterk, PJ
Fowler, SJ
U-BIOPRED Study Group
Item Type: Journal Article
Issue Date: Feb-2019
Date of Acceptance: 1-Oct-2018
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10044/1/63448
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/all.13629
ISSN: 0105-4538
Publisher: Wiley
Start Page: 406
End Page: 411
Journal / Book Title: Allergy
Volume: 74
Issue: 2
Copyright Statement: © 2018 Wiley. This is the accepted version of the following article: Simpson, A. J., Hekking, P. , Shaw, D. E., Fleming, L. J., Roberts, G. , Riley, J. H., Bates, S. , Sousa, A. R., Bansal, A. T., Pandis, I. , Sun, K. , Bakke, P. S., Caruso, M. , Dahlén, B. , Dahlén, S. , Horvath, I. , Krug, N. , Montuschi, P. , Sandstrom, T. , Singer, F. , Adcock, I. M., Wagers, S. S., Djukanovic, R. , Chung, K. F., Sterk, P. J., Fowler, S. J., , , Adcock, I. M., Ahmed, H. , Auffray, C. , Bakke, P. , Bansal, A. T., Baribaud, F. , Bates, S. , Bel, E. H., Bigler, J. , Bisgaard, H. , Boedigheimer, M. J., Bønnelykke, K. , Brandsma, J. , Brinkman, P. , Bucchioni, E. , Burg, D. , Bush, A. , Caruso, M. , Chaiboonchoe, A. , Chanez, P. , Chung, F. K., Compton, C. H., Corfield, J. , D'Amico, A. , Dahlén, B. , Dahlén, S. E., De Meulder, B. , Djukanovic, R. , Erpenbeck, V. J., Erzen, D. , Fichtner, K. , Fitch, N. , Fleming, L. J., Formaggio, E. , Fowler, S. J., Frey, U. , Gahlemann, M. , Geiser, T. , Goss, V. , Guo, Y. , Hashimoto, S. , Haughney, J. , Hedlin, G. , Hekking, P. W., Higenbottam, T. , Hohlfeld, J. M., Holweg, C. , Horváth, I. , Howarth, P. , James, A. J., Knowles, R. , Knox, A. J., Krug, N. , Lefaudeux, D. , Loza, M. J., Lutter, R. , Manta, A. , Masefield, S. , Matthews, J. G., Mazein, A. , Meiser, A. , Middelveld, R. J., Miralpeix, M. , Montuschi, P. , Mores, N. , Murray, C. S., Musial, J. , Myles, D. , Pahus, L. , Pandis, I. , Pavlidis, S. , Postle, A. , Powel, P. , Praticò, G. , Puig Valls, M. , Rao, N. , Riley, J. , Roberts, A. , Roberts, G. , Rowe, A. , Sandström, T. , Schofield, J. P., Seibold, W. , Selby, A. , Shaw, D. E., Sigmund, R. , Singer, F. , Skipp, P. J., Sousa, A. R., Sterk, P. J., Sun, K. , Thornton, B. , van Aalderen, W. M., van Geest, M. , Vestbo, J. , Vissing, N. H., Wagener, A. H., Wagers, S. S., Weiszhart, Z. , Wheelock, C. E. and Wilson, S. J. (2018), Treatable Traits in the European U‐BIOPRED Adult Asthma Cohorts. Allergy. Accepted Author Manuscript., which has been published in final form at https://dx.doi.org/10.1111/all.13629
Sponsor/Funder: Commission of the European Communities
Funder's Grant Number: 115010
Keywords: Science & Technology
Life Sciences & Biomedicine
U-BIOPRED Study Group
1107 Immunology
Publication Status: Published
Conference Place: Denmark
Online Publication Date: 2018-10-11
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