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Feb-20193D imaging and printing in pelvic colorectal cancer: 'The New Kid on the Block'Kontovounisios, C; Tekkis, P; Bello, F
30-Nov-20133D Imaging Bone Quality: Bench to BedsideAbel, RL; Prime, M; Jin, A; Cobb, JP; Bhattacharya, R
1-May-20193D microvascular imaging using high frame rate ultrasound and ASAP without contrast agents: development and initial in vivo evaluation on non-tumour and tumour modelsLeow, CH; Bush, N; Stanziola, A; Braga, M; Shah, A, et al
16-Sep-20183D path planning from a single 2D fluoroscopic image for robot assisted fenestrated endovascular aortic repairZheng, J-Q; Zhou, X-Y; Riga, C; Yang, G-Z; , et al
-3D printed chest wall: A tool for advanced microsurgical training simulating depth and limited viewPapavasiliou, T; Ubong, S; Khajuria, A; Chatzimichail, S; Chan, J
-3D Printed microvascular clamps: A safe, cheap and effective instrumentation for microsurgery trainingChatzimichail, S; Papavasiliou, T; Pafitanis, G
21-May-20183D printing and high tibial osteotomyJones, GG; Jaere, M; Clarke, S; Cobb, J
21-May-20183D printing and unicompartmental knee arthroplastyJones, GG; Clarke, S; Jaere, M; Cobb, J
-3D Printing in the National Health Service. Facilitating the adoption and evolution of digital technologies through re-conceptualizationTekkis, NP; Richmond-Smith, R; Pellino, G; Kontovounisios, C
1-Aug-20173D ultrasound and the fetal palate. Re: Qualitative evaluation of Crystal Vue rendering technology in assessment of fetal lip and palate ReplyDall'Asta, A; Paramasivam, G; Lees, CC
24-Nov-201740-4-40: educational and economic outcomes of a free, international surgical training eventGlasbey, J; Sinclair, P; Mohan, H; Harries, R; ASiT 40-4-40 Course Organisers
18-Aug-20145 ' isomiR variation is of functional and evolutionary importanceTan, GC; Chan, E; Molnar, A; Sarkar, R; Alexieva, D, et al
Sep-2021543P Neoadjuvant MRx0518 treatment is associated with significant gene and metagene signature changes in solid tumoursLythgoe, M; Adriani, M; Stebbing, J; Clark, J; Pickford, E, et al
31-May-2019621 – Fecal microbiota transplantation for the treatment of obesity: A randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trialAllegretti, JR; Kassam, Z; Chiang, AL; Mullish, BH; Carrellas, M, et al
Dec-201968Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT parameters predict response to peptide receptor radionuclide therapy in neuroendocrine tumoursSharma, R; Wang, WM; Yusuf, S; Evans, J; Ramaswami, R, et al
1-Jun-201768Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT to predict response to peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) in neuroendocrine tumours (NETs)Sharma, R; Wang, WM; Evans, J; Yusuf, S; AL-Nahhas, A, et al
31-May-20197 – The icon study: Inflammatory bowel disease and recurrent clostridium difficile infection: Outcomes after fecal microbiota transplantationAllegretti, JR; Hurtado, J; Carrellas, M; Marcus, J; Phelps, E, et al
25-Aug-201670-Gene Signature as an Aid to Treatment Decisions in Early-Stage Breast CancerCardoso, F; Van't Veer, LJ; Bogaerts, J; Slaets, L; Viale, G, et al
Sep-2021747P Real-world experience of rucaparib in patients with ovarian cancer: A multicentre United Kingdom studyLythgoe, M; Cleary, S; Kalofonou, F; Grunewald, T; Miller, R, et al
8-Jan-2020750P - A phase Ib study of pembrolizumab following trans-arterial chemoembolization (TACE) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC): PETALPinato, DJ; Cole, T; Bengsch, B; Tait, P; Sayed, AA, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 5956