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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2018Reorganisation of stroke care and impact on mortality in patients admitted during weekends: a national descriptive study based on administrative dataBalinskaite, V; Bottle, A; Shaw, LJ; Majeed, A; Aylin, P, et al
12-Jan-2018A randomised trial comparing the pharmacokinetics and safety of the biosimilar CT-P6 with reference trastuzumabEsteva, FJ; Stebbing, J; Wood-Horrall, RN; Winkle, PJ; Lee, SY, et al
27-Apr-2018Day-case surgery for total hip and knee replacement: how safe and effective is it?Lazic, S; Boughton, OR; Kellett, C; Kader, D; Villet, L, et al
1-Jan-2018Current concepts for aligning knee implants: patient-specific or systematic?Riviere, C; Lazic, S; Boughton, OR; Wiart, Y; Villet, L, et al
7-May-2018Multi-modal learning from unpaired images: Application to multi-organ segmentation in CT and MRIValindria, V; Pawlowski, N; Rajchl, M; Lavdas, I; Aboagye, EO, et al
8-Feb-2018Retrospective analysis of the national impact of industrial action by English junior doctors in 2016Furnivall, D; Bottle, R; Aylin, P; , et al
11-Aug-2018Analysis of clinical benefit, harms, and cost-effectiveness of screening women for abdominal aortic aneurysmSweeting, MJ; Masconi, KL; Jones, E; Ulug, P; Glover, MJ, et al
16-Aug-2018Indicators of deterioration in young adults with serious mental illness: a systematic review protocolDewa, LH; Cecil, E; Eastwood, L; Darzi, A; Aylin, P, et al
13-Aug-2018Impact of sharing electronic health records with patients on the quality and safety of care: a systematic review and narrative synthesis protocolNeves, AL; Carter, AW; Freise, L; Laranjo, L; Darzi, A, et al
Nov-2018Obesity surgery and risk of cancerMackenzie, H; Markar, SR; Askari, A; Faiz, O; Hull, M, et al