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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Dec-2020A subset of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass bacterial consortium colonizes the gut of non-surgical rats without inducing host-microbial metabolic changesLiu, Z; Coales, I; Penney, N; McDonald, J; Phetcharaburanin, J, et al
1-Apr-2021Development and validation of the ISARIC 4C Deterioration model for adults hospitalised with COVID-19: a prospective cohort studyGupta, RK; Harrison, EM; Ho, A; Docherty, AB; Knight, SR, et al
Nov-2020Prenatal exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances associated with increased susceptibility to liver Injury in childrenRobinson, O;
19-Aug-2020In utero and childhood exposure to tobacco smoke and multi-layer molecular signatures in childrenRobinson, O;
23-Apr-2020A biochemical comparison of the lung, colonic, brain, renal, and ovarian cancer cell lines using 1H-NMR spectroscopyHu, C; Liu, Z; Zhao, H; Wu, L; Lian, Q, et al
1-Jan-2020Post-operative delirium associated with metabolic alterations following hemi-arthroplasty in older patientsGuo, Y; Li, Y; Zhang, Y; Fang, S; Xu, X, et al
8-Feb-2022Rapid increase in Omicron infections in England during December 2021: REACT-1 study.Elliott, P; Bodinier, B; Eales, O; Wang, H; Haw, D, et al
25-Jan-2022Urinary metabolic biomarkers of diet quality in European children are associated with metabolic healthStratakis, N; Siskos, AP; Papadopoulou, E; Nguyen, AN; Zhao, Y, et al
8-Jul-2021The microbial metabolite p-Cresol induces autistic-like behaviors in mice by remodeling the gut microbiotaBermudez-Martin, P; Becker, JAJ; Caramello, N; Fernandez, SP; Costa-Campos, R, et al
Feb-2022The metabolomic effects of tripeptide gut hormone infusion compared to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and caloric restrictionSands, C; Alexiadou, K; Minnion, J; Tharakan, G; Behary, P, et al