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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-May-2020Are the doctors of the future ready to support breastfeeding? A cross-sectional study in the UKBiggs, KV; Fidler, KJ; Shenker, NS; Brown, H;
1-Dec-2020Investigating the role of diet and exercise in gut microbe-host cometabolismPenney, N; Barton, W; Posma, J; Darzi, A; Frost, G, et al
27-Nov-2020Xenon treatment after severe traumatic brain injury improves locomotor outcome, reduces acute neuronal loss and enhances early beneficial neuroinflammation: a randomized, blinded, controlled animal studyCampos-Pires, R; Onggradito, H; Ujvari, E; Karimi, S; Valeo, F, et al
Jun-2020Novel approach to imaging active takayasu arteritis using somatostatin receptor positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance imaging.Tarkin, JM; Wall, C; Gopalan, D; Aloj, L; Manavaki, R, et al
8-Dec-2020A subset of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass bacterial consortium colonizes the gut of non-surgical rats without inducing host-microbial metabolic changesLiu, Z; Coales, I; Penney, N; McDonald, J; Phetcharaburanin, J, et al
1-Dec-2020Monitoring response to transarterial chemoembolization in hepatocellular carcinoma using 18F-Fluorothymidine Positron Emission TomographyAboagye, E; Sharma, R; Inglese, M; Dubash, S; Lu, H, et al
2-Dec-2020REACT-1 round 7 interim report: fall in prevalence of swab-positivity in England during national lockdownRiley, S; Eales, O; Walters, C; Wang, H; Ainslie, K, et al
1-Jan-2020Bacteriophages of Klebsiella spp., their diversity and potential therapeutic usesHerridge, WP; Shibu, P; O'Shea, J; Brook, TC; Hoyles, L, et al
1-Oct-2020Faecal microbiota transplant from aged donor mice affects spatial learning and memory via modulating hippocampal synaptic plasticity- and neurotransmission-related proteins in young recipientsD'Amato, A; Di Cesare Mannelli, L; Lucarini, E; Man, AL; Le Gall, G, et al
23-Oct-2020Genome characterization of a novel Wastewater bacteroides fragilis bacteriophage (vB_BfrS_23) and its host GB124Tariq, MA; Newberry, F; Haagmans, R; Booth, C; Wileman, T, et al