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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Nov-2018Urine metabolic signatures of multiple environmental pollutants in pregnant women - an exposome approachMaitre, L; Robinson, O; Martinez, D; Toledano, MB; Ibarluzea, J, et al
8-Nov-2018Determinants of the urinary and serum metabolome in children from six European populationsLau, CH; Siskos, AP; Maitre, L; Robinson, O; Athersuch, TJ, et al
27-Apr-2021Systems level profiling of chemotherapy-induced stress resolution in cancer cells reveals druggable trade-offsSaavedra-Garcia, P; Roman-Trufero, M; Al-Sadah, HA; Blighe, K; Lopez-Jimenez, E, et al
1-Oct-2021The early-life exposome and epigenetic age acceleration in childrenDe Prado-Bert, P; Ruiz-Arenas, C; Vives-Usano, M; Andrusaityte, S; Cadiou, S, et al
10-Apr-2017Metabolomic characterisation of the effects of oncogenic PIK3CA transformation in a breast epithelial cell lineLau, C-HE; Tredwell, GD; Ellis, JK; Lam, EW-F; Keun, HC, et al
1-Apr-2013Performance in Omics Analyses of Blood Samples in Long-Term Storage: Opportunities for the Exploitation of Existing Biobanks in Environmental Health ResearchHebels, DGAJ; Georgiadis, P; Keun, HC; Athersuch, TJ; Vineis, P, et al
19-Jun-2012Metabolic profiling detects early effects of environmental and lifestyle exposure to cadmium in a human population.Ellis, JK; Athersuch, TJ; Thomas, LD; Teichert, F; PĂ©rez-Trujillo, M, et al
1-May-2013Metabolomics in toxicology and preclinical researchRamirez, T; Daneshian, M; Kamp, H; Bois, FY; Clench, MR, et al
25-Jan-2022Urinary metabolic biomarkers of diet quality in European children are associated with metabolic healthStratakis, N; Siskos, AP; Papadopoulou, E; Nguyen, AN; Zhao, Y, et al