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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-2019Is the diagnostic radiological image an underutilised resource? Exploring the literatureCox, W; Cavenagh, P; Bello, F; , et al
28-Jan-2019Design of a modular testing platform for the handling and study of endovascular devicesRamli, HR; Arof, MAM; Saripan, MI; Bello, F; , et al
Apr-2019Hip capsule biomechanics after arthroplasty - the effect of implant, approach and surgical repairLogishetty, K; Van Arkel, RJ; Ng, KC; Muirhead-Allwood, S; Cobb, J, et al
29-Nov-2019Physician-patient interactions & communication with conscious patients during simulated cath-lab procedures: An exploratory studyKelay, TK; Ako, E; Cook, C; Yasin, M; Gold, M, et al
1-Dec-2019Introduction to the special issue on wearable and flexible integrated sensors for screening, diagnostics, and treatmentZheng, Y; Ghovanloo, M; Lo, BPL; Atef, M; Jiang, H, et al
19-Jun-2019Pervasive wearable device for free tissue transfer monitoring based on advanced data analysis: clinical study reportBerthelot, M; Henry, FP; Hunter, J; Leff, D; Wood, S, et al
4-Dec-2019Hip joint capsular anatomy, mechanics, and surgical managementNg, KC; Jeffers, J; Beaule, P; , et al
14-May-2019A novel haptic interface for the simulation of endovascular interventionsRamli, HR; Misron, N; Iqbal Saripan, M; Bello, F; , et al
1-Nov-2019Guest editorial: special issue on pervasive sensing and machine learning for mental healthLo, B; Zhang, Y; Inan, OT; Ellul, J; , et al
25-Jul-2019Towards a fully automatic food intake recognition system using acoustic, image capturing and glucose measurementsRosa, BG; Anastasova-Ivanova, S; Lo, B; Yang, GZ; , et al