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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Feb-2001Control of mitochondrial membrane permeabilization by adenine nucleotide translocator interacting with HIV-1 viral protein R and Bcl-2Jacotot, E; Ferri, KF; El Hamel, C; Brenner, C; Druillennec, S, et al
5-Nov-2001Sensory adaptation in naive peripheral CD4 T cellsSmith, K; Seddon, B; Purbhoo, MA; Zamoyska, R; Fisher, AG, et al
16-Jan-2001The homeobox gene CDX2 in colorectal carcinoma: a genetic analysisSivagnanasundaram, S; Islam, I; Talbot, I; Drummond, F; Walters, JRF, et al
21-Feb-2001Autoantibodies in cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitisSingh, S; Du Bois, R
2-Oct-2001A prognostic model for ovarian cancerClark, TG; Stewart, ME; Altman, DG; Gabra, H; Smyth, JF