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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2018Antithrombotic therapy following venous stenting: international Delphi consensusMilinis, K; Thapar, A; Shalhoub, J; Davies, A
May-2019A multicenter randomized controlled study to evaluate whether neuromuscular electrical stimulation improves the absolute walking distance in patients with intermittent claudication compared with best available treatmentLawton, R; Babber, A; Braithwaite, B; Burgess, L; Burgess, LJ, et al
1-Jun-2019Venous thromboembolism prevention in lower limb trauma – Can we do better?Langridge, B; Goodall, R; Onida, S; Shalhoub, J; Davies, A
1-Dec-2019Trends in peripheral arterial disease incidence and mortality in EU15+ countries 1990-2017Goodall, R; Salciccioli, J; Davies, A; Marshall, D; Shalhoub, J
1-Nov-2018The effectiveness of graduated compression stockings for prevention of venous thromboembolism in orthopedic and abdominal surgery patients requiring extended pharmacological thromboprophylaxisMilinis, K; Shalhoub, J; Coupland, A; Salciccioli, J; Thapar, A, et al
1-Jun-2021Acute iliofemoral DVT – what evidence is required to justify catheter-directed thrombolysis?Guni, A; Machin, M; Onida, S; Shalhoub, J; Davies, A
1-Aug-2020A methodological assessment of diabetic foot syndrome clinical practice guidelinesTan, K; Goodall, R; Hughes, W; Langridge, B; Shalhoub, J, et al
1-Apr-2021Systematic review on the benefit of graduated compression stockings in the prevention of venous thromboembolism in low-risk surgical patientsMachin, M; Younan, H-C; Smith, S; Salim, S; Davies, A, et al
1-May-2021What does the future hold for mechanical thromboprophylaxis?Guéroult, A; Machin, M; Lawton, R; Davies, A; Shalhoub, J
1-Aug-2020COVID-19 and vascular surgery at a Central London teaching hospitalRolls, A; Sudarsanam, A; Luo, X; Aylwin, C; Bicknell, C, et al