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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Sep-2017J-Resolved (1)H NMR 1D-Projections for Large-Scale Metabolic Phenotyping Studies: Application to Blood Plasma Analysis.Rodriguez-Martinez, A; Posma, JM; Ayala, R; Harvey, N; Jimenez, B, et al
7-Sep-2016Reduction of trimethylamine N-oxide to trimethylamine by the human gut microbiota: supporting evidence for 'metabolic retroversion'Hoyles, L; Jimenez-Pranteda, ML; Chilloux, J; Myridakis, A; Gauguier, D, et al
30-Mar-2016A multiplexed targeted assay for high-throughput quantitative analysis of serum methylamines by ultra performance liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometryKadar, H; Dubus, J; Dutot, J; Hedjazi, L; Srinivasa, S, et al
2-Feb-2019Untargeted mass spectrometry lipidomics identifies correlation between serum sphingomyelins and plasma cholesterolZalloua, P; Kadar, H; Hariri, E; Farraj, LA; Brial, F, et al
6-Mar-2019Systems genetics of hepatic metabolome reveals octopamine as a target for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease treatmentBrial, F; Le Lay, A; Hedjazi, L; Tsang, T; Fearnside, JF, et al
20-Apr-2018Metabolic retroconversion of trimethylamine N-oxide and the gut microbiotaHoyles, L; Jiménez-Pranteda, MJ; Chilloux, J; Brial, F; Myridakis, A, et al
5-Jul-2017Microbial-host co-metabolites are prodromal markers predicting phenotypic heterogeneity in behavior, obesity and impaired glucose toleranceDumas, M; Rothwell, AR; Hoyles, L; Aranias, T; Chilloux, J, et al