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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2021Can self-management programmes change healthcare utilisation in COPD?: A systematic review and framework analysisSmalley, K; Aufegger, L; Flott, K; Mayer, E; Darzi, A, et al
2-Mar-2021Applying natural language processing and machine learning techniques to patient experience feedback: a systematic reviewKhanbhai, M; Anyadi, P; Symons, J; Flott, K; Darzi, A, et al
15-Feb-2021Detection and staging of radio-recurrent prostate cancer using multiparametric MRI.Kowa, J-Y; Soneji, N; Sohaib, SA; Mayer, E; Hazell, S, et al
30-Jul-2021Using electronic health records to develop and validate a machine learning tool to predict type 2 diabetes outcomes: a study protocolNeves, AL; Pereira Rodrigues, P; Mulla, A; Glampson, B; Willis, T, et al
22-Dec-2021Use and impact of virtual primary care on quality and safety: The public's perspectives during the COVID-19 pandemicNeves, AL; Van Dael, J; O'Brien, N; Flott, K; Ghafur, S, et al
Nov-2021Development of a structured query language and natural language processing algorithm to identify lung nodules in a cancer centreHunter, B; Reis, S; Campbell, D; Matharu, S; Ratnakumar, P, et al
11-Nov-2021Sharing electronic health records with patients: Who is using the Care Information Exchange portal? A cross-sectional studyNeves, AL; Smalley, K; Freise, L; Harrison, P; Darzi, A, et al
17-Sep-2021North West London Covid-19 Vaccination Programme: Real-world evidence for Vaccine uptake and effectiveness: Retrospective Cohort StudyGlampson, B; Brittain, J; Kaura, A; Mulla, A; Mercuri, L, et al
5-Oct-2021An early warning risk prediction tool (RECAP-V1) for patients diagnosed with COVID-19: the protocol for a statistical analysis planFiorentino, F; Prociuk, D; Espinosa Gonzalez, AB; Neves, AL; Husain, L, et al
8-Dec-2021Identifying factors that promote and limit the effective use of real-time patient experience feedback: a mixed-methods study in secondary careKhanbhai, M; Flott, K; Manton, D; Harrison-White, S; Klaber, R, et al