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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Food volume estimation for quantifying dietary intake with a wearable cameraGao, A; Lo, P; Lo, B;
21-Feb-2021Assessing individual dietary intake in food sharing scenarios with food and human pose detectionLei, J; Qiu, J; Lo, FP-W; Lo, B; , et al
1-Apr-2021Food/non-food classification of real-life egocentric images in low- and middle-income countries based on image tagging featuresChen, G; Jia, W; Zhao, Y; Mao, Z-H; Lo, B, et al
Jul-2020Image-based food classification and volume estimation for dietary assessment: a review.Lo, FPW; Sun, Y; Qiu, J; Lo, B; , et al
1-Jun-2019Methodology for objective, passive, image- and sensor-based assessment of dietary intake, meal-timing, and food-related activity in Ghana and Kenya (P13-028-19).McCrory, M; Sun, M; Sazonov, E; Frost, G; Anderson, A, et al
25-Jul-2019Towards a fully automatic food intake recognition system using acoustic, image capturing and glucose measurementsRosa, BG; Anastasova-Ivanova, S; Lo, B; Yang, GZ; , et al
25-Jul-2019A novel vision-based approach for dietary assessment using deep learning view synthesisLo, FP-W; Sun, Y; Qiu, J; Lo, B; , et al
25-Jul-2019Assessing individual dietary intake in food sharing scenarios with a 360 camera and deep learningQiu, J; Lo, FP-W; Lo, B;
7-Feb-2020Development and validation of objective, passive dietary assessment Method for estimating food and nutrient intake in households in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs): a study protocolJobarteh, ML; McCrory, MA; Lo, B; Sun, M; Sazonov, E, et al
16-Dec-2021Indoor future person localization from an egocentric wearable cameraQiu, J; Lo, FP-W; Gu, X; Sun, Y; Jiang, S, et al