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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-2018Life on a knife edge: Using simulation to engage young people in issues surrounding knife crimeTribe, H; Harris, S; Kneebone, RL;
5-Nov-2018An improved rapid sampling microdialysis system for human and porcine organ monitoring in a hospital settingGowers, S; Hamaoui, K; Vallant, N; Hanna, G; Darzi, A, et al
6-Feb-2019Is the diagnostic radiological image an underutilised resource? Exploring the literatureCox, W; Cavenagh, P; Bello, F; , et al
Feb-2019Re: Henk G. van der Poel, Roderick C.N. van den Bergh, Erik Briers, et al. Focal Therapy in Primary Localised Prostate Cancer: The European Association of Urology Position in 2018. Eur Urol 2018;74:84-91Valerio, M; Emberton, M; Ahmed, HU;
20-Dec-2018Cholangiocarcinoma: a guide for the nonspecialistAlsaleh, M; Leftley, Z; Barbera, T; Sithithaworn, P; Khuntikeo, N, et al
Nov-2018Crossed corticospinal facilitation between arm and trunk muscles in humansChiou, S-Y; Strutton, PH; Perez, MA;
5-Jan-2019Reframing surgical simulation: the textile body as metaphorKneebone, RL; Oakes, F; Bicknell, C;
24-Aug-2018Health: redefinedOleribe, OO; Ukwedeh, O; Burstow, NJ; Gomaa, AI; Sonderup, MW, et al
7-Aug-2015In vivo compartmental analysis of leukocytes in mouse lungsPatel, BV; Tatham, KC; Wilson, MR; O'Dea, KP; Takata, M, et al
31-Mar-2016Enhanced c-Fos expression in the central amygdala correlates with increased thigmotaxis in rats with peripheral nerve injuryRice, ASC;