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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2021Trans-arterial chemoembolization as a loco-regional inducer of immunogenic cell death in hepatocellular carcinoma: implications for immunotherapy.Pinato, D; Murray, S; Forner, A; Kaneko, T; Fessas, P, et al
12-Oct-2021392 Magseed-guided wide local excision during the COVID-19 pandemic: a tenable solution to barriers in accessing elective breast cancer surgeryTeh, JJ; Cai, W; Kedrzycki, M; Thiruchelvam, P; Leff, D, et al
26-Aug-2021ASO visual abstract: the impact of temporal variation in indocyanine green administration on tumor identification during fluorescence-guided breast surgeryKedrzycki, MS; Leiloglou, M; Chalau, V; Chiarini, N; Thiruchelvam, PTR, et al
9-Dec-2021Malaria protection due to sickle haemoglobin depends on parasite genotypeBand, G; Leffler, EM; Jallow, M; Sisay-Joof, F; Ndila, CM, et al
27-Oct-2021Functional antibody and T cell immunity following SARS-CoV-2 infection, including by variants of concern, in patients with cancer: the CAPTURE studyFendler, A; Au, L; Shepherd, STC; Byrne, F; Cerrone, M, et al
1-May-2021Guiding light to optimize wide local excisions: the "GLOW" studyKedrzycki, MS; Leiloglou, M; Chalau, V; Lin, J; Thiruchelvam, PTR, et al
21-Apr-2021Versatility in fluorescence guided surgery with the GLOW camera systemKedrzycki, M; Leiloglou, M; Leff, D; Elson, D; Chalau, V, et al
1-Aug-2021PROState pathway embedded comparative trial: the IP3-PROSPECT studyBass, EJ; Klimowska-Nassar, N; Sasikaran, T; Day, E; Fiorentino, F, et al
28-Jul-2021Virus-induced volatile organic compounds are detectable in exhaled breath during pulmonary infection.Kamal, F; Kumar, S; Edwards, MR; Veselkov, K; Belluomo, I, et al
17-Dec-2021Quality social connection as an active ingredient in digital interventions for young people with depression and anxiety: systematic scoping review and meta-analysisDewa, L; Lawrance, E; Roberts, L; Brooks-Hall, E; Ashrafian, H, et al