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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2020SepsisJoshi, M; Ashrafian, H; Khan, S; Darzi, A;
26-Jul-2021Objective assessment of post-operative morbidity following breast cancer treatments with wearable activity monitorsChe Bakri, NA; Kwasnicki, R; Dhillon, K; Ghandour, O; Khan, N, et al
1-Jul-2019Modelling impacts of food industry co-regulation on noncommunicable disease mortality, PortugalGoiana-da-Silva, F; Cruz-E-Silva, D; Allen, L; Gregório, MJ; Severo, M, et al
30-Jul-2021Consideration of antimicrobial resistance and contextual factors in infectious disease guidelines: a systematic survey.Stalteri Mastrangelo, R; Santesso, N; Bognanni, A; Darzi, A; Karam, S, et al
Feb-2021The role of the state in financing and regulating primary care in Europe: a taxonomyEspinosa-González, AB; Delaney, BC; Marti, J; Darzi, A;
1-May-2021A systematic review and meta-analysis of the diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care tests used to establish the presence of peripheral arterial disease in people with diabetesNormahani, P; Mustafa, C; Shalhoub, J; Davies, A; Norrie, J, et al
1-Dec-2021Patient Safety Education 20 years after the Institute of Medicine Report: results from a cross-sectional National SurveyArora, S; Tsang, F; Kekecs, Z; Shah, N; Archer, S, et al
13-Aug-2021Lipidomic profiling of colorectal lesions for real-time tissue recognition and risk-stratification using rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry.Mason, SE; Manoli, E; Alexander, JL; Poynter, L; Ford, L, et al
9-Sep-2021ASO visual abstract: objective assessment of postoperative morbidity following breast cancer treatments with wearable activity monitors: The "BRACELET" study.Che Bakri, NA; Kwasnicki, RM; Dhillon, K; Khan, N; Ghandour, O, et al
17-Aug-2022The diagnostic and triage accuracy of digital and online symptom checker tools: a systematic reviewWallace, W; Chan, C; Chidambaram, S; Hanna, L; Iqbal, FM, et al