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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2021Systematic review into city interventions to address obesityDanielli, S; Coffey, T; Ashrafian, H; Darzi, A;
1-Mar-2022Measuring more than just economic growth to improve well-beingDanielli, S; Donnelly, P; Coffey, T; Horn, S; Ashrafian, H, et al
3-Dec-2020Metabolomics - the stethoscope for the 21st centuryAshrafian, H; Sounderajah, V; Glen, R; Ebbels, T; Blaise, BJ, et al
28-Aug-2020The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on colorectal cancer service provisionKontovounisios, C;
1-Oct-2020Comparison of surgeon gaze behaviour against objective skill assessment in laparoscopic cholecystectomy-a prospective cohort studyEvans-Harvey, K; Erridge, S; Karamchandani, U; Abdalla, S; Beatty, JW, et al
Apr-2021Wearable activity monitors in home based exercise therapy for patients with intermittent claudication: a systematic reviewChan, C; Sounderajah, V; Normahani, P; Acharya, A; Markar, SR, et al
10-Jan-2022A case for improved assessment of gut permeability: a meta-analysis quantifying the lactulose:mannitol ratio in coeliac and Crohn’s diseaseWei, J; Nazarian, S; Teare, J; Darzi, A; Ashrafian, H, et al
1-Jul-2022Neuroenhancement of surgeons during robotic suturingPatel, R; Suwa, Y; Kinross, J; Von Roon, A; Woods, AJ, et al
12-Nov-2021An enhanced marker pattern that achieves improved accuracy in surgical tool trackingCartucho, J; Wang, C; Huang, B; Elson, DS; Darzi, A, et al
14-Sep-2021Assessing the Safety of Home Oximetry for Covid-19: A multi-site retrospective observational studyClarke, J; Flott, K; Crespo, R; Ashrafian, H; Fontana, G, et al