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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2021Diagnostic accuracy of deep learning in medical imaging: a systematic review and meta-analysisAggarwal, R; Sounderajah, V; Martin, G; Ting, D; Karthikesalingam, A, et al
22-Apr-2021Rapid uropathogen identification using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy active filters.Dryden, SD; Anastasova, S; Satta, G; Thompson, AJ; Leff, DR, et al
1-Mar-2021Economic interventions to ameliorate the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and health: an international comparisonDanielli, S; Patria, R; Donnelly, P; Ashrafian, H; Darzi, A, et al
12-Jul-2021Understanding the role of the gut in undernutrition: what can technology tell us?Thompson, A; Bourke, C; Robertson, R; Shivakumar, N; Edwards, C, et al
1-Jul-2021Rapid, non-invasive measurement of gastric emptying rate using transcutaneous fluorescence spectroscopyLett, A; Lim, A; Skinner, C; Maurice, J; Vergis, N, et al
8-Jul-2021The reliability and quality of YouTube videos as a source of public health information regarding COVID-19 vaccination: cross-sectional studyChan, C; Sounderajah, V; Daniels, E; Acharya, A; Clarke, J, et al
1-Jul-2021Plasmonic optical fiber for bacteria manipulation—characterization and visualization of accumulation behavior under plasmo-thermal trappingKim, J; Yeatman, E; Thompson, A;
28-Jun-2021Developing a reporting guideline for artificial intelligence-centred diagnostic test accuracy studies: the STARD-AI protocolSounderajah, V; Ashrafian, H; Golub, RM; Shetty, S; De Fauw, J, et al
24-May-2021A novel gaze-controlled flexible robotized endoscope; preliminary trial and reportSivananthan, A; Kogkas, A; Glover, B; Darzi, A; Mylonas, G, et al
19-Feb-2021Applications of intraoperative Duplex ultrasound in vascular surgery: a systematic reviewNormahani, P; Khan, B; Sounderajah, V; Poushpas, S; Anwar, M, et al