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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2022Rapid increase in Omicron infections in England during December 2021: REACT-1 study.Elliott, P; Bodinier, B; Eales, O; Wang, H; Haw, D, et al
24-Feb-2022The ReIMAGINE prostate cancer risk study protocol: A prospective cohort study in men with a suspicion of prostate cancer who are referred onto an MRI-based diagnostic pathway with donation of tissue, blood and urine for biomarker analysesMarsden, T; McCartan, N; Brown, L; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Syer, T, et al
25-Jan-2022Urinary metabolic biomarkers of diet quality in European children are associated with metabolic healthStratakis, N; Siskos, AP; Papadopoulou, E; Nguyen, AN; Zhao, Y, et al
8-Jul-2021The microbial metabolite p-Cresol induces autistic-like behaviors in mice by remodeling the gut microbiotaBermudez-Martin, P; Becker, JAJ; Caramello, N; Fernandez, SP; Costa-Campos, R, et al
9-Mar-2021Safety and efficacy of an extended-release peptide YY analogue for obesity: A randomized, placebo-controlled, phase 1 trialTan, TM-M; Minnion, J; Khoo, B; Ball, L-J; Malviya, R, et al
Feb-2022The metabolomic effects of tripeptide gut hormone infusion compared to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and caloric restrictionSands, C; Alexiadou, K; Minnion, J; Tharakan, G; Behary, P, et al
1-Jul-2021Risk of adverse outcomes in patients with underlying respiratory conditions admitted to hospital with COVID-19: a national, multicentre prospective cohort study using the ISARIC WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol UKBloom, CI; Drake, TM; Docherty, AB; Lipworth, BJ; Johnston, SL, et al
30-May-2020Meta-analysis of sentinel node mapping techniques comparing near-infrared fluorescence imaging to blue dye and radioisotopeKedrzycki, M; Leiloglou, M; Ashrafian, H; Jiwa, N; Thiruchelvam, P, et al
1-Aug-2021Which prostate cancers are undetected by multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging in men with previous prostate biopsy? an analysis from the PICTURE studyNorris, JM; Simmons, LAM; Kanthabalan, A; Freeman, A; McCartan, N, et al
Feb-2021Objective responses to first-line neoadjuvant carboplatin-paclitaxel regimens for ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal carcinoma (ICON8): post-hoc exploratory analysis of a randomised, phase 3 trialMorgan, RD; McNeish, IA; Cook, AD; James, EC; Lord, R, et al