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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2020Taking the pressure off the patient - understanding digital rectal examinations on a real subjectGranados, A; Cox, S; Low-Beer, N; Higham, J; Kneebone, R, et al
1-Aug-2020Towards wearable and flexible sensors and circuits integration for stress monitoringChen, C-M; Anastasova, S; Zhang, K; Rosa, BG; Lo, BPL, et al
9-Dec-2020Subject-independent slow fall detection with wearable sensors via deep learningChen, X; Jiang, S; Lo, B; , et al
25-Oct-2020Unsupervised domain adaptation for position-independent IMU based gait analysisMu, F; Gu, X; Guo, Y; Lo, B; , et al
18-Mar-2021Light-weight internet-of-things device authentication, encryption and key distribution using end-to-end neural cryptosystemsSun, Y; Lo, FP-W; Lo, B; , et al
4-Mar-2018Innovative sensing technologies for developing countriesLo, BPL;
15-Jun-2021Quantification of motor function post-stroke using wearable inertial and ,echanomyographic SensorsFormstone, L; Huo, W; Wilson, S; McGregor, A; Bentley, P, et al
16-Feb-2021Hand-portable HPLC with broadband spectral detection enables analysis of complex polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon mixturesChatzimichail, S; Rahimi, F; Saifuddin, A; Surman, A; Taylor-Robinson, S, et al
1-Feb-2021Cross-subject and cross-modal transfer for generalized abnormal gait pattern recognitionGu, X; Guo, Y; Deligianni, F; Lo, B; Yang, G-Z, et al
19-Jun-2019Pervasive wearable device for free tissue transfer monitoring based on advanced data analysis: clinical study reportBerthelot, M; Henry, FP; Hunter, J; Leff, D; Wood, S, et al