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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A personalized air quality sensing system – a preliminary study on assessing the air quality of London Underground stationsZhang, R; Ravi, D; Yang, G-Z; Lo, BENNY; , et al
1-Jan-2017A deep learning approach to on-node sensor data analytics for mobile or wearable devicesRavi, D; Wong, C; Lo, B; Yang, G; , et al
15-Dec-2016A Wearable Sensing Framework for Improving Personal and Oral Hygiene for People with Developmental DisabilitiesWijayasingha, L; Lo, BPL;
14-Jun-2018Random number generation using inertial measurement unit signals for on-body IoT devicesSun, Y; Lo, B;
4-Jul-2016Thimble end effector for palpation skills trainingLoisillier, A; Granados, A; Barrow, A; Bello, F; Bello, F, et al
29-Nov-2019Physician-patient interactions & communication with conscious patients during simulated cath-lab procedures: An exploratory studyKelay, TK; Ako, E; Cook, C; Yasin, M; Gold, M, et al
3-Jan-2018Guest editorial - 13th Body Sensor Networks SymposiumFriedl, KE; Hixson, JD; Buller, MJ; Lo, B; , et al
4-Mar-2018An artificial neural network framework for lower limb motion signal estimation with foot-mounted inertial sensorsSun, Y; Yang, G; Lo, B; , et al
19-Apr-2018Self-assessment of surgical ward crisis management using video replay augmented with stress biofeedbackNormahani, P; Makwana, N; Von Rosenberg, W; Syed, S; Mandic, D, et al
1-Dec-2019Introduction to the special issue on wearable and flexible integrated sensors for screening, diagnostics, and treatmentZheng, Y; Ghovanloo, M; Lo, BPL; Atef, M; Jiang, H, et al