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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2020PIK3Cδ expression by fibroblasts promotes triple-negative breast cancer progressionGagliano, T; Shah, K; Gargani, S; Lao, L; Alsaleem, M, et al
10-Dec-2020805 Safety and emerging evidence of immune modulation of the live biotherapeutic MRx0518 in the neoadjuvant setting for patients awaiting surgical removal of solid tumoursLythgoe, M; Stebbing, J; Pickford, E; Glasmacher, A; Adriani, M, et al
1-Jan-2017Mutation analysis of cell-free DNA and single circulating tumor cells in metastatic breast cancer patients with high CTC countsShaw, JA; Guttery, DS; Hills, A; Fernandez-Garcia, D; Page, K, et al
Mar-2022Immunogenicity after six months of BNT162b2 vaccination in frail or disabled nursing home residents: the COVID-A StudyRíos, SS; Zamora, EBC; Céspedes, AA; Rizos, LR; Sánchez-Jurado, PM, et al
29-Jul-2021JAK inhibitors — More than just glucocorticoidsStebbing, J; Lauschke, VM;
15-Jan-2021COVID-19 and the risk to cancer patients in China.Williams, J; Stebbing, J;
24-Nov-2021Circulating tumor DNA profiling from breast cancer screening through to metastatic diseasePage, K; Martinson, LJ; Fernandez-Garcia, D; Hills, A; Gleason, KLT, et al
1-Mar-2021Response to Cottu, Bozec, Basse, and PaolettiZhang, H; Han, H; He, T; Labbe, KE; Hernandez, AV, et al
1-Aug-2021Use of Janus kinase inhibitors in COVID-19: a prospective observational series in 522 individualsMelikhov, O; Kruglova, T; Lytkina, K; Melkonyan, G; Prokhorovich, E, et al
Feb-2021SCIRT lncRNA restrains tumorigenesis by opposing transcriptional programs of tumor-initiating cells.Zagorac, S; De Giorgio, A; Dabrowska, A; Kalisz, M; Casas-Vila, N, et al