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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2021Systematic review and meta-analysis of wound adjuncts for the prevention of groin wound surgical site infection in arterial surgeryGwilym, B; Dovell, G; Dattani, N; Ambler, G; Shalhoub, J, et al
1-Sep-2020Persistent sex-differences in lung cancer mortality between 2001 and 2017 in the US and EUJani, C; Marshall, D; Goodall, R; Singh, H; Shalhoub, J, et al
11-Oct-2021Trends in mortality from aortic stenosis in Europe: 2000-2017Hartley, A; Shalhoub, J; Khamis, R;
Nov-2021Trends in peripheral arterial disease incidence and mortality in EU15+ countries 1990-2017.Goodall, R; Salciccioli, JD; Davies, AH; Marshall, D; Shalhoub, J, et al
26-Oct-2021Nickel hypersensitivity and endovascular devices: a systematic review and meta-analysisGueroult, A; Al-Balah, A; Shalhoub, J; Davies, A
1-May-2021A systematic review and meta-analysis of the diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care tests used to establish the presence of peripheral arterial disease in people with diabetesNormahani, P; Mustafa, C; Shalhoub, J; Davies, A; Norrie, J, et al
28-Jul-2022Trends in prevalence, mortality, and disability-adjusted life-years relating to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Europe: an observational study of the global burden of disease database, 2001-2019Marshall, DC; Al Omari, O; Goodall, R; Shalhoub, J; Adcock, IM, et al
Aug-2022Contracting role of graduated compression stockings in prevention of perioperative venous thromboembolismShalhoub, J
Nov-2021The PERCEIVE quantitative study: PrEdiction of Risk and Communication of outcome following major lower limb amputation: protocol for a collaboratiVE studyWaldron, C-A; Gwilym, BL; Thomas-Jones, E; Preece, R; Milosevic, S, et al
1-Aug-2022Implementation of the graduated compression as an adjunct to pharmaco-thromboprophylaxis in surgery (GAPS) trial results across the UKLawton, R; Shalhoub, J; Davies, A;