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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2019A multicenter randomized controlled study to evaluate whether neuromuscular electrical stimulation improves the absolute walking distance in patients with intermittent claudication compared with best available treatmentLawton, R; Babber, A; Braithwaite, B; Burgess, L; Burgess, LJ, et al
26-Jul-2016How to Engage in Trainee-led Multicentre Collaborative Vascular Research: The Vascular and Endovascular Research Network (VERN)Bosanquet, DC; Stather, P; Sidloff, DA; Dattani, N; Shalhoub, J, et al
3-Aug-2016Guidance on Feedback of Outcome Data to Improve Performance in Vascular SurgeryLi, MM; Shalhoub, J; Davies, AH; Maruthappu, M
30-Jul-2016UK surgical trainees will continue to support European research collaborationNepogodiev, D; National Surgical Research Collaborative; Shalhoub, J
21-Jun-2016Implementation of a teaching programme to improve doctors’ awareness of DVLA guidelines: a multicentre studyMaruthappu, M; Sykes, M; Green, BL; Watson, R; Gollop, N, et al
Feb-2019Current status of non-invasive perfusion assessment in individuals with diabetic foot ulcerationGoodall, R; Langridge, B; Onida, S; Davies, AH; Shalhoub, J
1-Jun-2019Venous thromboembolism prevention in lower limb trauma – Can we do better?Langridge, B; Goodall, R; Onida, S; Shalhoub, J; Davies, A
Nov-2020Trends in decubitus ulcer disease burden in European Union 15+ countries 1990-2017Goodall, R; Armstrong, A; Hughes, W; Harbinson, E; Fries, CA, et al
Dec-2020Compression stockings in addition to low-molecular-weight heparin to prevent venous thromboembolism in surgical inpatients requiring pharmacoprophylaxis: the GAPS non-inferiority RCTShalhoub, J; Lawton, R; Gohel, M; Bradbury, A; Norrie, J, et al
27-Jul-2020Corrigendum to Reducing the risk of venous thromboembolism following superficial endovenous treatment: A UK and Republic of Ireland consensus studyDattani, N; Shalhoub, J; Nandhra, S; Lane, T; Abu-Own, A, et al