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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-May-2021Emerging wearable interfaces and algorithms for hand gesture recognition: a survey.Jiang, S; Kang, P; Song, X; Lo, B; Shull, PB, et al
1-Nov-2020Guest editorial data science in smart healthcare: Challenges and opportunitiesDi Camillo, B; Nicosia, G; Buffa, F; Lo, B
24-Oct-2020Supervised semi-autonomous control for surgical robot based on Banoian optimizationChen, J; Zhang, D; Munawar, A; Zhu, R; Lo, B, et al
1-Jul-2020Smart sensing for surgery from tethered devices to wearables and implantablesKassanos, P; Berthelot, M; Kim, JA; Rosa, BMG; Seichepine, F, et al
21-Feb-2021Assessing individual dietary intake in food sharing scenarios with food and human pose detectionLei, J; Qiu, J; Lo, FP-W; Lo, B; , et al
2-Dec-2020A pervasive respiratory monitoring sensor for COVID-19 pandemicChen, X; Jiang, S; Li, Z; Lo, B
1-Jul-2020Automatic microsurgical skill assessment based on cross-domain transfer learningZhang, D; Wu, Z; Chen, J; Gao, A; Chen, X, et al
1-Nov-2020A noninvasive blood glucose monitoring system based on smartphone PPG signal processing and machine learningZhang, G; Mei, Z; Zhang, Y; Ma, X; Lo, B, et al
20-Aug-2020Distributed force control for microrobot manipulation via planar multi-spot optical tweezerZhang, D; Barbot, A; Lo, B; Yang, G-Z
9-Dec-2020Subject-independent slow fall detection with wearable sensors via deep learningChen, X; Jiang, S; Lo, B; , et al