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12-Aug-201611a-N-Tosyl-5-deoxi-pterocarpan, LQB-223, a novel compound with potent antineoplastic activity toward breast cancer cells with different phenotypes.Lemos, LG; Nestal de Moraes, G; Delbue, D; Vasconcelos, FD; Bernardo, PS, et al
26-Apr-201611th German Conference on Chemoinformatics (GCC 2015) : Fulda, Germany. 8-10 November 2015.Fechner, U; De Graaf, C; Torda, AE; Güssregen, S; Evers, A, et al
26-Apr-201913C labelling of nematode worms to improve metabolome coverage by heteronuclear nuclear magnetic resonance experimentsGeier, F; Leroi, A; Bundy, J;
1-Nov-201716S pan-bacterial PCR can accurately identify patients with ventilator-associated pneumoniaMorris, AC; Gadsby, N; McKenna, JP; Hellyer, TP; Dark, P, et al
28-Oct-202218F-Fluoropivalate PET/MRI: imaging of treatment naive patients and patients treated with radiosurgeryIslam, S; Inglese, M; Aravind, P; Barwick, T; Wang, J, et al
2-Apr-2020[18F]FET-βAG-TOCA: the design, evaluation and clinical translation of a fluorinated octreotideAllott, L; Dubash, S; Aboagye, EO;
May-2020[18F]Fluciclatide PET as a biomarker of response to combination therapy of pazopanib and paclitaxel in platinum-resistant/refractory ovarian cancerSharma, R; Valls, PO; Inglese, M; Dubash, S; Chen, M, et al
9-Jan-20182'-O-(2-methoxyethyl) nucleosides are not phosphorylated or incorporated into the genome of Human Lymphoblastoid TK6 CellsSaleh, AF; Bachman, M; Priestley, CC; Gooderham, NJ; Andersson, P, et al
16-Feb-20212.5 angstrom-resolution structure of human CDK-activating kinase bound to the clinical inhibitor ICEC0942Greber, BJ; Remis, J; Ali, S; Nogales, E
12-Oct-2021200 Can methylation signals of cervical cancer enhance cervical screening?: an epigenome-wide association study on the Illumina 850k arrayBowden, S; Bodinier, B; Paraskevaidi, M; Kalliala, I; Chaitrakulthong, N, et al
27-Aug-20162016 ESC Position Paper on cancer treatments and cardiovascular toxicity developed under the auspices of the ESC Committee for Practice Guidelines: The Task Force for cancer treatments and cardiovascular toxicity of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC)Zamorano, JL; Lancellotti, P; Rodriguez Muñoz, D; Aboyans, V; Asteggiano, R, et al
7-Sep-20182018 ESC Guidelines for the management of cardiovascular diseases during pregnancyRegitz-Zagrosek, V; Roos-Hesselink, JW; Bauersachs, J; Blomström-Lundqvist, C; Cífková, R, et al
30-Jul-20212021 consensus statement for preventing and managing low back pain in elite and subelite adult rowersWilson, F; Thornton, JS; Wilkie, K; Hartvigsen, J; Vinther, A, et al
1-May-201824 - A novel route to controlling Clostridioides Difficile growth via short chain fatty acid and bile acid modulationMcDonald, JAK; Mullish, BH; Pechlivanis, A; Li, JV; Nicholson, JK, et al
1-May-201825 - Microbiome and metabolic markers of Clostridium Difficile recurranceAllegretti, JR; Mullish, BH; Bogart, E; Shu, E; Dong, X, et al
1-Jan-2021296: Determinants of ARDS resolution and duration in patients supported with extracorporeal supportShroff, D; Garfield, B; Banya, W; Ledot, S; Patel, B
1-Oct-20192D versus 3D laparoscopic total mesorectal excision: a developmental multicentre randomised controlled trialCurtis, NJ; Conti, JA; Dalton, R; Rockall, TA; Allison, AS, et al
1-Apr-20183'-Deoxy-3'-[(18)F]Fluorothymidine uptake is related to thymidine phosphorylase expression in various experimental tumor modelsSchelhaas, S; Heinzmann, K; Honess, DJ; Smith, D-M; Keen, H, et al
1-Oct-20193-D Canonical pose estimation and abnormal gait recognition with a single RGB-D cameraGuo, Y; Deligianni, F; Gu, X; Yang, G-Z
1-Jan-201830-day mortality following initiation of immunotherapy for advanced stage lung cancerEvans, J; Kitson, R; Shah, R; Li, S; Ghosh, S, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 6525