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28-Dec-2017AAV5-factor VIII gene transfer in severe hemophilia ARangarajan, S; Walsh, L; Lester, W; Perry, D; Madan, B, et al
2-Jun-2020AB0501 Three cases of vertebral arteritis identified on FDG-PET in patients with suspected GCA at University of College London Hospital (UCLH)Moiseev, S; Tervaert, JWC; Arimura, Y; Bogdanos, D; Elena, C, et al
1-Jun-2020Absence of JAK2V617F mutated endothelial colony-forming cells in patients with JAK2V617F myeloproliferative neoplasms and splanchnic vein thrombosisGuy, A; Danaee, A; Paschalaki, K; Boureau, L; Riviere, E, et al
9-Apr-2021Actionable druggable genome-wide Mendelian randomization identifies repurposing opportunities for COVID-19Gaziano, L; Giambartolomei, C; Pereira, AC; Gaulton, A; Posner, DC, et al
27-May-2020Activated αIIbβ3 on platelets mediates flow-dependent NETosis via SLC44A2Constantinescu-Bercu, A; Grassi, L; Frontini, M; Salles, II; Woollard, K, et al
Jul-2021Activation and transcriptional profile of monocytes and CD8+ T cells are altered in checkpoint inhibitor-related hepatitisPossamai, L; Gudd, C; Au, L; Triantafyllou, E; Shum, B, et al
9-Jul-2019Acute iron deprivation reprograms human macrophage metabolism and reduces inflammation in vivoPereira, M; Chen, T-D; Buang, N; Olona, A; Ko, J-H, et al
23-Dec-2020ADAMTS proteases in cardiovascular physiology and diseaseSantamaria, S; De Groot, R;
27-Mar-2020ADAMTS-5: A difficult teenager turning 20Santamaria, S;
9-Jul-2021Adeno-associated virus vector gene delivery elevates Factor I levels and down-regulates the complement alternative pathway in vivo.Ahmad, A; Mandwie, M; Dreismann, AK; Smyth, C; Doyle, H, et al
19-Nov-2021Adipoclast: a multinucleated fat-eating macrophageBehmoaras, J;
Jul-2020Adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapies in melanoma.Lim, KHJ; Amaral, T
1-Nov-2018Alkylating histone deacetylase inhibitors may have therapeutic value in experimental myeloperoxidase-ANCA vasculitisDooley, D; Van Timmeren, MM; O'Reilly, VP; Brady, G; O'Brien, EC, et al
28-Jan-2020Altered hippocampal-prefrontal neural dynamics in mouse models of down syndromeChang, P; Bush, D; Schorge, S; Good, M; Canonica, T, et al
1-Aug-2021An aggressive NK-cell lymphoma with hemophagocytosisQuinn, D; Farrell, K; Leach, M; Bain, BJ
30-Dec-2020An international patient centred study of Retroperitoneal FibrosisMason, J; Dattani, R; Barwick, T; Wardany, G; Gibbons, N, et al
26-Apr-2021An unbiased flow cytometry-based approach to assess subset-specific circulating monocyte activation and cytokine profile in whole blood .Kiefer, J; Zeller, J; Bogner, B; Hörbrand, IA; Lang, F, et al
Oct-2019An update on paraprotein-related renal pathologyKousios, A; Roufosse, C
10-Jul-2019Analysis of HLA-G expression in renal tissue in lupus nephritis: a pilot studyFoschi, V; Bortolotti, D; Doyle, AF; Stratigou, V; Stephens, L, et al
Nov-2021ANCA vasculitis induction management during the COVID-19 pandemicSalas, A; Kant, S; Floyd, L; Kratky, V; Brix, SR, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 466