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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2021Type I interferons affect the metabolic fitness of CD8+ T cells from patients with systemic lupus erythematosusBotto, M; Buang, N; Tapeng, L; Gray, V; Sardini, A, et al
29-Apr-2021Plasma lectin pathway complement proteins in patients with COVID-19 and renal diseaseMedjeral-Thomas, N; Troldborg, A; Hansen, A; Gisby, J; Clarke, C, et al
7-Jul-2021Protease inhibitor plasma concentrations associate with COVID-19 infectionMedjeral-Thomas, N; Troldborg, A; Hansen, A; Pihl, R; Clarke, C, et al
1-Sep-2021O- and N-glycosylation of serum immunoglobulin A is associated with IgA nephropathy and glomerular function.Dotz, V; Visconti, A; Lomax-Browne, HJ; Clerc, F; Hipgrave Ederveen, AL, et al
12-May-2021Murine factor H Co-produced in yeast with protein disulfide isomerase ameliorated C3 dysregulation in factor H-deficient miceKerr, H; Herbert, AP; Makou, E; Abramczyk, D; Malik, TH, et al
11-Aug-2021Complement activation in IgA nephropathyMedjeral-Thomas, NR; Cook, HT; Pickering, MC;
19-Nov-2021BpOmpW antigen stimulates the Necessary Protective T-Cell Responses Against Melioidosis.Tomás-Cortázar, J; Bossi, L; Quinn, C; Reynolds, CJ; Butler, DK, et al
26-Nov-2021Editorial: Emerging roles for type 2-associated cells and cytokines in cancer immunitySchiavoni, G; Munitz, A; Strid, J;
30-Sep-2021Trans-arterial chemoembolization as a loco-regional inducer of immunogenic cell death in hepatocellular carcinoma: implications for immunotherapy.Pinato, D; Murray, S; Forner, A; Kaneko, T; Fessas, P, et al